Our Story

16 The Unit was born out of need. Why should high end haircare cost the earth? The simple answer is, it shouldn’t. We believe in offering salon quality, luxury hair care, at affordable pricing so that it is as accessible as possible.  We offer a wide range of products from Wella System Professional, to ensure all of your haircare needs are met.

We also understand the importance of sustainability within the beauty and haircare industry. As a result, all of our postage material is recyclable and eco-friendly – our boxes can be reused, our tape made from Kraft paper is biodegradable and plastic free, and our packaging peanuts made from gm free starch can be dissolved in water! We’re not perfect, but we are consciously trying to make little changes to help this planet thrive, for ourselves and for those yet to come.

System Professional's Story

In 1974, a group of hair-obsessed Wella scientists dedicated themselves to revolutionising hair care as we know it – prioritising results first. Their discovery? Your hair contains a unique profile of lipids that determine its elasticity, fibre health and responsiveness.

Thus, System Professional was born – the first coded, modular system of performance care – inspired by science, and tailored to each hair type. After dedicating over 45 years to helping you achieve your hair goals, System Professional has become the secret language of the world’s top hairdressers; the inside track to hair care excellence that began in a beauty lab and turned into a global success story.