System Professional Balance Energy Lotion 125ml


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System Professional Balance Lotion 125ml provides instant relief from red or itchy scalp that goes deep to restore its natural balance.

Hair Care Benefits:
• Protects, rehydrates, and alleviates redness of the scalp
• Rebalances the skin’s protective hydrolipid barrier

Formulation Highlights:
• Soothing
•  Perfume-free
• Concentrated formula
• Long-lasting
• Mild formulations
• Developed in cooperation with dermatologists
• Tested for skin tolerance and effectiveness on sensitive skin

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How to Use:

1. After every shampoo, apply the serum directly to towel dry or dry hair
2. Gently massage the serum into hair, working from the ends to the scalp
3. Use the serum in between shampoos to calm any irritations